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Hey, I'm wondering, does anybody have any clue about incantations and such? I was wondering whether or not you'd tell me if this is a good format or if there's a better one.

Incantation: An willing of the self to preform some task.
[Tell the purpose]
[The results that are wished]
[A limitation on it if any]
[A proper ending/sealing]

Invocation: Asking a diety of some sort for a granting of a wish.
[Calling the entities]
[The results being asked]
[A limitation if any]
[A proper thanking and sealing]

Evocation: Forcing a demon/spirit with threat of divine retrobution
[A summoning of entities]
[What is being forced from entity]
[A limitation if any]
[The threat, and devine retrobution if demands are not met]

Also, I was wondering if anyone else has been studying the Lesser Key of Solomon, or anything that has to do with bindings of spirits/ willed elementals. I am curious because I think me and a friend may have accidently either unsealed something, or brought it forth out of fear(elemental). If you have any idea, please either contact me threw my Deadjournal(Username: Nearlyforgotten) or Aim(Username: Daeg White) Thanx!
-Kaelan Talib Akera
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