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n00bie! ;)

hai everyone! so totally stoked to be in this community!

Real/Given Name: Lisa Joy [insert last name here]
Craft Name (Optional): ~*~ NONE ~*~ ... yet.
Where In The World You Live: Right here. *waves from her couch* Oh wait, you want a city? Hamilton. Ontario.
Specific Path or Path of Interest: IndoPaganism (ie Hinduism + Paganism)
Religious/Spiritual Background: Dad was in a seminary until his father passed away, then he dropped out ... he's from a strict Irish Catholic family. Mom's fam was never religious, and she had some really bad experience with Christian groups a few years prior to my birth. I grew up in a Chrisitan (United) church - I found paganism when I was 14, but continued to attend the church with my parents until I was in college. This was mainly out of respect for my parents & their beliefs.
Type of Pagan Practice: (solitary or coven) Solitary, mostly - but my sister witch hosts rituals in her home, and a bunch of us get together to do that.
Types of Divination Practiced: Tarot, and soon to be runes!
Element: Fiiiiiiiire. *evil giggle*
Sacred Stone(s): Moonstone
Spirit Animal(s)/Familiar(s): Cats - my familiar is my Minou, a 7 y/o orange tabby. If you've ever wanted a cat who loves everyone & everything ... TOUGH! I got him. ;)

Friends? Wanna be my friend? ;) I'm a goofball, REALLY.
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