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Dark Angel's Girl

Altar Arrangement

this is a basic altar arrangement:

  Earth Symbol  
Air SymbolEAST
  Fire Symbol  

various symbols:

EARTH: Rich loam in an earthenware cup, inscribed with a pentacle on the bottom.

AIR: Incense placed in an earthenware cup and burned during the rite.

FIRE: Vegetable oil in an earthenware cup with a floating wick which is lit during the rite. Or a candle placed in the cup and lit during the rite.

WATER: Pure water in an earthenware cup.

Substitutions may be made if it is preferable.

Candles may be placed at either side of the Goddess Symbol or before it.

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Interesting to note he similarities from the ancient Chinese elemental version, although I remember they had a genderless Golden Dragon in the centre to represent for harmony.

Their system apparently was:

NORTH: Black Serpent.
EAST: Azure Dragon.
WEST: White Tiger.
SOUTH: Red Pheonix.
CENTRE: Golden Dragon.

Each represented a certain type of magic (which incidentally seems ho we got the 'black magic' term).

Many latter day scribes unfortunately saw the Dragon and Lung as one and the same entity and gave the former a rather bad press indeed...
I was just thinking, do you follow Buckland?
You sound as though you do, and that is fine, as it is your will.
However, I would like to point out that there is more than one way to set up and altar and it does not have to be done that way with those items.

Just a thought
God and Goddess Bless!
I started this for a few friends who were new to the Craft. They asked for a basic altar arrangement. I chose this because it's simple. I figured they could start there and then branch out later, the way most of us do eventually. Nice to see someone posting here. Do you follow anyone or are you an Ecletic Solo like me?
Heh, that was supposed to say Eclectic...been a longish day.
Where do you put the God symbol? Or do you not include a masuline divinity in your practice?