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Chant/spell to find a familiar

I used this a few years back to try and find a suitable magic partner. I did - I got my ferret :)

Prepare in your normal way :)
Special requirements - some animal related objects - could be images, feathers, bits of fur, statues. Anything at all. These are to help you focus on the parts of you linked to animals - to find an animal linked to you.

The chant

Goddess of the earth and sky
Hearken now and hear my cry
Bring a familiar to me
By my powers - blessed be

A dog, a cat, rabbit or hare
what its form i do not care
Bring a partner now to me
As I will - So Mote It Be!

I repeated this for three nights, focussing mainly on feathers that i had collected - i let a feather be carried away on the wind each night. After a month, i got my lil bundle of joy - my ferret, phoebe :)
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