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So, I've been searching around a bit, looking for some online group to help me. Almost anything that i have studied, or anything that anyone has told me, has pointed me towards finding out as much as I can at this time in my life. I know I am not ready for alot of the things that I would like to learn, like the Book of Solomon, the Goetics, and all those Grimores. But I can't help it, I have already the first 3 chapters from the Lesser Key, and I have been working on many other things at the same time.

I was wondering, what should I do? Should I continue trying this, or should I step back. I am not initiated yet, but that is of my own choice, I have been studying for a while, and I have only just now read my first rites, and have began my year and a day. It's not like I am a complete beginner, I know my herbs and stones, love working with runes and sigils, and have been studying all the moon phases, planetary hours, and have already the beginnings of my initial tools(Bolin, Athame, BOS, Censer, ect..).

If you have any answers, would be interested in working with me, or just want to talk, my Deadjournal(what I use more often) address is www.deadjournal.com/users/nearlyforgotten. All I want is to learn, and to help learn. Blessed be.

-Kaelan Talib Akera
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